Solar and Wind Renewable Energy

Tansley Electrical, along with Calder Stewart Roofing, has changed the look of renewable energy within our heritage parks with Solar Rib Roofing Systems. The unique roofing profile allows for the discrete photovoltaic panels to be virtually unseen on most structures.

You do not need to be building new, the roof profile can be fitted to an existing structure.

There are also options for harnessing solar renewable energy including crystalline panels, grid-tie and stand-alone systems.

With over 90 staff and three locations in Queenstown, Dunedin and Invercargill, the Tansley Electrical team offers forward-thinking out the box solutions to renewable and sustainable energy solutions. Get in touch with your local branch today.

Solar Renewable Energy

Tansley Electrical has completed a wide number of solar renewable energy roofing projects utilising Photovoltaic Laminate (PVL) solar power technology. Harnessing the power of the sun’s energy, PVL is a flexible technology that has been utilised by a wide number of our customers, but notably the Department of Conservation (DOC). 

Utilising solar power

Utilising solar power is becoming increasingly popular as we move to more sustainable forms of energy usage and particularly in more remote parts of New Zealand where access to mains power is unattainable or expensive. 

Contact your local branch at Tansley Electrical to discuss your options when it comes to solar power.