St Patrick's Basilica

Catholic Diocese of Dunedin

Commercial Electrical

St Patrick's Basilica

Catholic Diocese of Dunedin
December 2014
South Dunedin

St Patrick’s Basilica was completed in 1894 and is designed by Architect Francis Petre in a Palladian Revival style. A category two heritage building and focal point for the local community, Tansley Electrical were brought in to help with a refurbishment and sensitive lighting design to accentuate, enhance and illuminate the church building.

The building now strikes an impressive presence at night, with the beautiful stained glass windows on display. The lighting design had to be sympathetic to the age of the building, using pre-existing mounting locations, heights and loadings. This was a limiting factor, particularly for the exterior façade. 

A series of night trials were carried out with different lamination to make sure the lighting choices would enhance the architectural detail in line with the community’s vision. The lighting had to be subtle but meet lighting standards for visual comfort and safe movement.

The deeply embossed high renaissance ceiling is an impressive example of the Architect’s vision realised in its entirety. This was lit using upward light from LED wall washers. Creating a sense of space and serenity. The use of indirect light in the interior also eliminates glare, giving an attractive level of lighting for socialising and worship.